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Superior profiles for leading-edge results.
With today’s complicated cross-media communications campaigns, accurate profiling is vital in managing your customers’ expectations. With the integration of i1Pro 2 Solutions, prepress and premedia professionals can create profiles that present the best colors on your monitors, printers or web-to-print submission tools.

Assure the utmost in quality for soft proofing on monitors, and verify output quality on proofs and production, saving you valuable time and costs redoing work that doesn’t meet customer expectations.
- Ease-of-Use: New LED status and scanning guides along with built-in self-check software makes it even easier to create and maintain profiles.
- Data Reporting: Quality assurance analysis allows for accurate measuring and tracking from soft proof to print or electronic output and reports on monitor and printer behavior over time.
- Adjust for variations in paper: When optical brighteners are added for a brighter image, they create varying measurement results. Broader support of measurement conditions enables you to work to today’s ISO standards with confidence.

i1Publish Pro 2 provides a fast, easy way to create custom profiles for your prepress tools, including monitors, scanners and printers, in addition to cameras and projectors, providing you with the complete control required to create consistency across your devices.


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