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Unify REALS - 1st Power Failure Transfer

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1st Power Failure Transfer Relay (ALUM/PFT) and 4 Contacts (REALS)
For OpenScape Business X8 and HiPath 3800
- REALS provides floating contacts for door buzzer, messenger call, general answer and similar functions
- The PFT relay switches an analog exchange/central office connection directly to a pre-defined analog telephone in the system, in the event of a power failure or system restart.
REALS does not occupy a card slot as it is plugged into the backplane of the basic box. Cannot be used for exchange lines with Direct Inward Dialing function Max. 1 per OSBiz X8 or HiPath 3800. The PFT power failure transfer relay (ALUM) can only be used for loop-start exchange lines.
Hint: The breakdown is shown completely.

consisting of:

1 S30807-Q6629-X REALS
1 S30267-Z196-A100 Open-Ended MDF Cable, 10m, with SIVAPAC Connector
Product Usage:

Core OpenScape Business V1
—> OpenScape Business V1 config
—> OpenScape Business V1 not config
Core HiPath 3000 V9
—> HiPath 3000 V9 config
—> HiPath 3000 V9 not config
M45 – Core HiPath 3000 V8
—> HiPath 3000 V8 IM config
—> HiPath 3000 V8 IM not config
Core HiPath 3000 V8 DIR Erweiterungen
—> M45 – HiPath 3000 V8 DIR Erweiterungen


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