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Unify OSC WebCollaboration V7 Integration Liferay Portal

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OpenScape WebCollaboration V7 Integration for Liferay Portal
OpenScape Web Collaboration for Liferay Portal based on software plug-in the OpenScape Web Collaboration into customers Liferay Enterprise Collaboration portal. It allows a user to invoke real-time service like Web Collaboration directly from the context of a Liferay portal. The feature has to be order per OS Web Collaboration system. The License file will be provided by the CoC UC Paderborn so please get in contact with [email protected] The implementation of the plug-in has to be realized by the customer. If required the Professional Service units-CoC UC in Paderborn will execute and support the implementation of the OS Web Collaboration for LIferay plug-in. The effort has to be charged in addition per hour with the following order item:L30258-W513-D607 Solution integration and testing.
Hint: The breakdown is shown completely.

consisting of:

1 F31505-K146-A29 OS WebColl (standalone) for Liferay Portal
Product Usage:

OpenScape Web Collaboration V7


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