Unify OCCB1 - Voice Channel Booster Card (1 DSP)

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Voice Channel Booster Card OCCB1 (1 DSP)
The optional OCCB1 card provides further digital signal processing channels and is required for increasing the maximum number of simultaneous VoIP connections to a maximum of 48, if more than 8 simultaneous VoIP connections are required.

The DSP channels are used for converting standard (TDM) telephone network signals to digital signals for IP networks and vice-versa, as are often required for end-to-end VoIP. OpenScape Business X3/X5/X8 has 8 DSP channels integrated in the mainboard. The OCCB3 (120 channels) or OCCB1 (40 channels) plug-in modules extend the number of DSP channels available. In Hicom 3000 systems, the DSP channels are provided by the HG1500 plus PDM modules. For a system migration, the number of DSP channels required should always be determined first.

DSP module requirements:
1. “Pure TDM” systems do not need DSP modules (i.e., systems without HFA or SIP subscribers, without voice connections to external IP networks)
2. All other systems with mixed IP and TDM subscriber types need the OCCB1 or OCCB3 DSP module, depending on the size of the system configuration.
3. Similarly, systems with the UC Suite will always need the OCCB1 or OCCB3 DSP module, while
4. Systems only using the UC Smart function will only need a DSP module if they have IP subscribers or external VoIP connections.
5. All systems with voice connections to an external IP network (corporate or public VoIP network) will, of course, always need a DSP module.

Hint: The breakdown is shown completely.

consisting of:

1 S30807-Q6949-X100 Voice Channel Booster Card (1 DSP)
Product Usage:

Core OpenScape Business V1
—> OpenScape Business V1 config
—> OpenScape Business V1 not config


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