Unify Front face Plate for unused periphery Basic/Expansion

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Front Face Plate for unused periphery slots in Basic Box/Expansion Box
For OpenScape Business X8 and HiPath 3800
Line cards with front-panel ports have a specially insulated front panel, so no extra face plates are necessary.
Project planning note: redundant slots and periphery modules with plastic housing panels (list …) must be covered with additional blind panels for EMC reasons. The following line cards and modules do not require an additional face plate: DIUT2, DIUN2, DIU2U, STMI2, TMCAS/TMCAS2 , TMANI8, SLCN, IVMNL For EMC reasons, the following cards with plastic front panels require an additional aluminium cover plate: SLMAV, SLMA, SLMA8, SLMAE8, SLMAE200, SLMO, SLMO8, STMD3, TM2LP, TMC16, TMDID, TMEW2
Hint: The breakdown is shown completely.

consisting of:

1 C39165-A7075-B15 Front Face Plate

Product Usage:

Core HiPath 3000 V9
—> HiPath 3000 V9 config
—> HiPath 3000 V9 not config
Core OpenScape Business V1
—> OpenScape Business V1 config
—> OpenScape Business V1 not config
Core HiPath 3000 V8 DIR Erweiterungen
—> M45 – HiPath 3000 V8 DIR Erweiterungen
M45 – Core HiPath 3000 V8
—> HiPath 3000 V8 IM config
—> HiPath 3000 V8 IM not config


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