Sony CAS-1B zwart draadloos muzieksysteem

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Groot assortiment & 2 showrooms

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  • Type aansluitplug 3,5 mm
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High-Resolution Audio
From source to speaker, Sony has united an array of technologies for the ultimate audio experience. For High-Resolution Audio files, the digital amp and specialised tweeters reproduce every subtlety, so you can hear each note as the artist intended.

DSEE HX upscales your music files
Taking your audio experience beyond CD quality, DSEE HX builds on our proprietary DSEE technology, upscaling compressed audio files to a level closer to High-Resolution Audio. By restoring the subtleties of original recordings lost during the compression process, DSEE HX delivers a rich, studio-quality audio experience for all your music.

Recreate original sound spaces on your tabletop
CAS-1 recreates original sound spaces from recording studio or live performance venues, delivering the experience of listening to a live performance. Enjoy music playback that delivers the unfiltered sound artists intended you to hear.

Dual amplifiers
Two distinct amplification systems deliver outstanding High-Resolution Audio experiences, regardless of how you listen. The compact chassis houses two independent circuit boards for the speaker and headphone amps. Given the different power outputs and proximity to the drivers, headphones and speakers have distinct amplification requirements. The full digital S-Master HX amplifier drives the separate speakers, reproducing dynamic and powerful sound even within the confines of the compact design. The headphone amp and separate high-end digital-analogue converter better suits the more isolated headphone listening experience, driving headphone sound powerfully yet precisely.

Full Digital S-Master HX amplifier
This newly designed full digital amplifier is the product of over ten years of Sony digital amplifier technology development. Through a major overhaul of the noise shaper and power circuit, we realized significant noise reduction for high purity playback and delicate information detail unique to High-Resolution Audio.

Chassis design
The CAS-1 boasts a reinforced chassis frame (outer surface and frame) and beams designed to prevent casing and circuit board kinks and enhance sound quality. Base structure adopts a combination of high-end series components and sheet metal, delivering high precision. The aluminium die-cast panel provides high rigidity and low resonance, placing no strain on the substrate when mounted, and optimizes heat flow away from components, enhancing both sound quality and miniaturization.

Separated Speakers
Recording engineers position their left and right speakers to form an equilateral triangle for optimal audio monitoring. The CAS-1's near-field design lets you reproduce this layout at home for ideal stereo sound imaging.

Pulse height volume
The CAS-1 maintains the original audio detail even at lower volumes for dynamic audio even in confined spaces. Common digital amplifiers (right) decimate the original music data when lowering volume. Pulse height volume (left) adjusts the power supply voltage to maintain high density sound data while lowering volume. Pulse height volume reduces power supply noise (dotted red line) created from lowering volume, producing a cleaner sound than common digital amplifiers.

Low Volume Mode
Conventional compact tabletop speakers tend to lose balance between the treble and bass of the original sound at lower volume. Low Volume Mode optimizes these properties, reproducing the auditory effect of faithful balance to the original sound at low volumes.

Bottom side bass reflex port
The wide flare on the bass reflex port reduces duct noise so that, even near the speakers, bass remains tight and free of distortion.

14-mm Soft Dome Tweeter
The soft dome tweeters feature a wide-dispersion design especially developed for reproducing the ultra-high frequency audio in High Resolution Audio formats. Enjoy the added realism from reproducing subtle harmonics and sound textures not possible with conventional tabletop speakers.

62 mm highly-rigid carbon fibre cone woofers
Harder and lighter than glass fibre, highly-rigid carbon fibre cones combine with a powerful magnetic circuit to generate tight, powerful bass. The CAS-1 main unit employs a moulded frame to lessen distortion, suppress unit vibrations and create high-quality sound.

High-grade painted wooden enclosure
A 12 mm-thick MDF baffle board effectively stops vibrations, and birch plywood on the wrap board brings out beautiful controlled acoustic harmonic vibration. Braces reinforce the enclosure and sound absorbent material controls enclosure vibrations. Even the paint is specifically chosen to further suppress unwanted harmonic vibration in addition to providing a stunning gloss appearance.

Speaker base & Brass spikes
The CAS-1 audio system includes exclusive speaker accessories specially designed to avoid interference and deliver High-Resolution Audio in the near field—the area between 75 to 200 cm from the separate speakers. Install the included brass spikes to elevate speakers to an ideal 8 ° upward angle to better deliver sound straight to your ears, and the included 5 mm thick steel speaker base attachments to mitigate excess reflection. These easy to install accessories allow you to achieve excellent acoustics in small spaces without troublesome adjustments. The CAS-1 includes everything you need to enjoy original sound space on your tabletop. Simply add your favourite music to create your own soundscapes.

8º speaker angle
Adjusting the speakers to an 8º upward angle ensures sound quality when the listener is seated 75 to 200 cm away. By tilting the separate speakers into the optimal position CAS-1 speakers are designed to deliver better sound straight to the ears, without unwanted reflection or interference.

Volume control (NJW1194)
For volume control, CAS-1 uses electronic volume (NJW1194 ) with high sound quality. NJW1194 minimizes noise and distortion when lowering volume, for less deterioration of sound quality. Enjoy high quality sound faithful to the original sound space, without unwanted distortion.

Ideal pattern design with four-layer circuit board
The CAS-1 main unit houses a four-layer circuit board that allows for ideal routings for earth and power supply patterns. Component layout is designed with a beautifully symmetrical pattern based on established high end models for cleaner sound with less noise.

High quality wireless streaming
LDAC is a new audio technology from Sony that allows you to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth. With triple the data transmitted, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience for all your music.

Connect your Walkman or PC to the rear side USB-B terminal to play high-resolution sound sources. Connect Walkman or USB storage devices to the front side USB-A terminal to play high-resolution music using the SongPal app or the included remote control. You can also charge your iPhone or other mobile devices from here.

Headphone amplifier (TA6120A)
The CAS-1 uses the same excellent headphone amplifier IC used in the high-precision Sony PHA-2 Portable High-Resolution Audio DAC/Headphone Amplifier to drive headphone sound powerfully and precisely. Boasting excellent drive compared to regular operational amplifiers (op-amp), this headphone amplifier can even easily drive high-impedance headphones to effectively reproduce high-quality sound.

Robust headphone jack
The front side of the CAS-1 features a robust 3.5 mm mini plug headphone port made from high-quality metal parts. The use of quality metal parts ensures that your headphone jack fits snugly and securely each and every time, staying in place for a stable connection to prevent distortion and deliver uncompromising sound quality. The use of the universal 3.5 mm mini plug size ensures wide compatibility so that you can use the same headphones at home that you usually use with your Walkman or smartphone.

Unite your music with SongPal
Download SongPal for your smartphone or tablet and take control of your music collection. Simply connect over Bluetooth and USB-Play music and view track information on a Walkman or USB mass storage device connected to the USB-A terminal. The app can also be used to customise sound settings to ensure great balanced audio.

D/A converter (PCM1795)
CAS-1 employs the same 32-bit high-precision digital to analogue converter (DAC) used in Sony's acclaimed HAP-Z1ES High-Resolution Audio player. This DAC extracts High-Resolution Audio detailed sound field information from sound sources in its entirety, producing fuller, richer sound that recreates the original space.

Toggle outputs on and off with a relay
Every consideration was made in the quest for a pure audio experience on the CAS-1. Instead of a semiconductor switch, we implemented an output toggle circuit that uses a relay with little contact resistance and good sound.

Gain toggle switch
With adjustable gain control, you will enjoy the best possible sound using your favourite headphones. Gain on headphones amplifiers is the maximum amount the amplifier can increase a signal. The CAS-1 features a dedicated headphone gain toggle switch to allow you to match impedance to your headphone type, thus enhancing the listening experience for headphones of varying impedance.

One-touch listening to play instant music
NFC (Near Field Communication) technology removes the need for wired connections and complex set-up sequences. Simply touch your NFC-enabled smartphone or other device to the on-body N-mark and start your music. No NFC? No problem. You can also pair the devices manually in Bluetooth settings.


  • Kleur Zwart
  • Bass reflex Ja
Poorten & interfaces
  • Type aansluitplug 3,5 mm
  • USB 2.0-poorten 2
  • Hoofdtelefoonuitgangen 1
  • Bluetooth Ja
  • Draadloos Ja
  • Op afstand bedienbaar Ja
  • Type stroombron AC
  • Typisch stroomverbruik 29 W
  • Stroomverbruik (in standby) 0.5 W
Gewicht en omvang
  • Diepte 172 mm
  • Main unit gewicht 1300 g
Inhoud van de verpakking
  • Afstandsbediening Ja
Technische details
  • Type stroombron AC
  • Tweeter Ja
  • Hoofdunit (b x h x d) 55 x 178 x 210 mm
Overige specificaties
  • Breedte luidspreker 95 mm
  • Diepte 172 mm
  • Hoogte luidspreker 178 mm
  • Hoofdtelefoon uit Ja
  • Afstandsbediening Ja
  • Kleur Zwart
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Sony CAS-1B zwart draadloos muzieksysteem

Sony CAS-1B zwart draadloos muzieksysteem

€ 702,89
Vandaag besteld, dinsdag in huis