Philips Dect D2301 Wp

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  • Antwoordapparaat Nee
  • Opnametijd 30 min
  • Intercom Ja
  • Maximum indoorbereik 50 m
  • Maximum outdoorbereik 300 m
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The Philips D230 Cordless Phone packs HQ Sound and a large, clear display in a sleek, ergonomic design. Enjoy smart privacy modes, great comfort and sound — all in an easy hands-free style.

Caller ID*

Sometimes it's good to know who's calling before you answer. And our Caller ID lets you keep track of who's on the other end of the line.

Handset speakerphone

Hands-free mode uses a built-in loudspeaker to amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during a call without holding the phone to your ear. This is especially useful if you want to share the call with others or simply multitask.

Non-slip grip

The rear of the handset is treated with a special texture for added comfort and better grip.

Programmable hot keys

Now calling the people you care about most is easier than ever. With simple one-touch dialling, you will never have to search for their number again. You can programme up to 2 keys for instant calling.

Optimised antenna layout

Our optimised antenna layout ensures strong and stable reception, even in areas of the house where cordless transmission is difficult. Now you can take a call wherever you are in the house, and enjoy a long, uninterrupted conversation even as you walk around.

Parametric Equaliser

Our telephones use parametric equalisation in the digital sound processing to fine tune the sound response back to the intended linear frequency response curve, delivering sound that is pure and clear, for each conversation.

Eco-conscious product

Philips phones are energy efficient and designed to be respectful to the environment. The level of radiation emitted is reduced by up to 95% when the phone is charging. With ECO+ mode activation the radiation drops to zero.


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  • Antwoordapparaat Nee
  • Opnametijd 30 min
  • Intercom Ja
  • Maximum indoorbereik 50 m
  • Maximum outdoorbereik 300 m
  • Type ringtone Polyfonisch
  • Compatibel met GAP: Ja
  • Montagewijze Bureau
  • Kleur Wit
  • Seniorentelefoon Nee
  • Backlight toetsen Ja
  • Aantal knoppen 20
  • Nummerherkenning Ja
  • Oproepblokkering Ja
  • Gesprekstijd timer Ja
  • Wachtstand Ja
  • Luidspreker Ja
  • Aantal melodieën 10
  • Microfoon mute Ja
  • Aantal handsets mogelijk 4
  • Capaciteit telefoonboek 50 entries
  • Capaciteit nummerlijst 20
  • Capaciteit nummerherhalingslijst 10
  • Display ingebouwd Ja
  • Schermdiagonaal 1.8 "
  • Backlight-kleur Wit
Poorten & interfaces
  • Plug and play Ja
  • Draadloos Ja
  • Ingangsspanning 100/240 V
  • Frequentie 50/60 Hz
  • Type accu/batterij AAA
  • Gesprekstijd 16 uur
  • Standby tijd 200 uur
  • Capaciteit accu 500 mAh
  • Typisch stroomverbruik 0.7 W
  • Energie-opslagtechnologie accu/batterij Nikkel–Metaal Hydride (NiMH)
  • SAR-waarde 0.1 W/kg
Gewicht en omvang
  • Diepte 59 mm
  • Hoogte 135 mm
  • Lengte snoer 1.8 m
  • Gewicht pakket 347 g
Inhoud van de verpakking
  • Aantal handsets 1
Overige specificaties
  • Klok/Datum display Ja
  • Backlight Ja
  • Aantal 1
Technische details
  • Klok/Datum display Ja