Pentax GPS Unit O-GPS1

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  • Type accu/batterij AAA
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Track every step of the way with the PENTAX GPS Unit O-GPS1 for PENTAX DSLR cameras. This versatile, weather-resistant GPS unit tracks both basic geographical and celestial body location data for earthbound and astrophotography purposes.

Compatible with the PENTAX K-5, K-r and 645D.
The O-GPS1 mounts on and connects through the hotshoe of a compatible PENTAX camera and records the latitude, longitude, altitude, coordinated universal time (UTC) and direction of the camera lens for the shooting location on the camera LCD and in the Exif data of captured images.

Simple Navigation function calculates the direction and distance to a given destination from the current position. Locate destinations using location data stored in the Exif data of recorded images, or register and/or assign them by uploading location data created on a PC.

Electronic Compass function displays the camera’s lens direction in relation to true north on the camera's LCD monitor with great precision. Directional data can also be recorded in the Exif data of captured images.
Simplified weather-resistant construction for use in light rain.

Powered by one AAA-size battery.


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  • Type accu/batterij AAA