Panasonic NA-148XR1WGN Wasmachine,1400rpm, 8kg, nieuw HydroA

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  • Toerental 1400 RPM
  • Energieklasse A+++-40%
  • Capaciteit trommel 8 kg
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Laundry Care Tailored To Your Load.
AutoCare is a washing programme that automatically tailors itself to your washing load with the simple touch of a button. Using four intelligent ECONAVI sensors, AutoCare detects the load’s size, level of dirtiness, material type and optimises the ideal water temperature, soaking time and spin cycle for perfect results.

Wash Load Sensor.
The Wash Load Sensor detects the wash load’s size and adjusts the level of water added for optimum results and ideal energy and water consumption. The water consumption and cycle length both increase as the load’s size gets bigger.

Water Temperature Sensor.
The Water Temperature Sensor detects the temperature of the supplied tap water and shortens or prolongs the washing time accordingly for optimal results.

Optical Sensor.
The Optical Sensor determines the load’s level of soiling by detecting the opaqueness of the water and the detergent type used. The cycle’s length, water and detergent levels are then automatically adjusted to achieve the best possible results along with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Laundry Material Sensor.
The Laundry Material Sensor detects the fibre balance within the load (the ratio of synthetics and cottons) and adjusts the number of spin cycles and overall spin time accordingly.

Better Than A+++.
Maximise energy and water savings with every wash. The NA-148XR1 has an energy rating of A+++ but is 40% more efficient. Its 8 kg drum also means you’ll be able to wash more, less often, saving you even more time and energy.

Wash Quick Or Wash Eco.
The choice between Eco and Speed mode lets you fit your washing into your lifestyle. Speed mode is up to 40% quicker than a regular cycle, while Eco mode runs longer than usual but is big on saving energy, water and money.

3D HydroActive+, Perfect Preparation.
The 3D HydroActive+ system injects detergent and water from three nozzles deep into the drum, evenly soaking the clothes to start lifting dirt out as quickly as possible. This gets the washing process underway faster and allows for a more thorough wash and rinse with each cycle.

Flawless Navigation.
Access every feature and programme through an easy-to-use and stylish, blue LED display. Not only is navigation simple and intuitive, but the display also keeps you up to date during the wash cycle, showing the time remaining, temperature and spin speed.

Gentle, Strong And Unique.
The uniquely shaped Sazanami drum is another way Panasonic takes care of your clothes during the washing cycle. Dimple-shaped water spouts allow for fewer holes and bumps on the drum’s surface, while their shape prevents your clothes from catching. The Sazanami drum design also provides more efficient water drainage for high spin-drying performance.

Stylishly Designed.
A sleek and modern exterior design will fit perfectly into any kitchen or bathroom, while a larger, easy-to-see, blue LED display with touch-key control makes navigating through programmes simple and fast. Everything is designed to look great while making laundry less effort than ever before.

Quiet Operation.
The Panasonic Silent Arch design at both sides of the washer body effectively absorbs the sounds and vibrations that naturally occur during the washing cycle, keeping unwanted noise to an absolute minimum.


  • Capaciteit trommel 8 kg
  • Toerental 1400 RPM
  • Energieklasse A+++-40%


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Panasonic NA-148XR1WGN Wasmachine,1400rpm, 8kg, nieuw HydroA

€ 648,90
Tijdelijk niet beschikbaar
(indicatief 15 werkdagen)