Minox Verrekijkers 69734 Binocular Strap Professional

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No more hiking or hunting with bouncing binoculars

The high quality and ergonomically designed MINOX binocular strap Professional helps you to securely and comfortably transport your MINOX binoculars close to your body. It ensures high wearing comfort due to the wide and soft neoprene section with limited elongation and flexibility. Thanks to the quick-release fastener the stabilizer can be attached and removed in an instant, allowing the harness to be used as a standard contoured strap.

These are the product advantages of the MINOX binocular strap Professional:

- No more swinging, rocking or bouncing of the binoculars;
- Extremely user friendly: One touch and your binoculars are where you want them;
- After use the binoculars simply slide back into the “off” position;
- Full use of the ocular protection cover;
- The stabilizer is a removable component; ready to go in or out in seconds;
- Easy handling;
- Strap adjustable to different lengths;
- High durability and solidity due to the high quality of the used materials and workmanship “Made in Germany”;
- ° A light weight at merely 150 grams.


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