Minox Verrekijkers 62178 HG 8X56 BR Asph.

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Groot assortiment & 2 showrooms

Groot assortiment & 2 showrooms

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High grade by MINOX: Top performance in twilight - Made in Germany

Powerful twilight performance, top class technology and a sophisticated design – the HG 8x56 from MINOX perfectly complements the entire high-grade binocular series.

The HG 8x56 with extreme light gathering power, is the ideal companion for observation or hunting in moonlight or in twilight conditions. By using special optical glass from the German glass specialist SCHOTT AG, a newly developed optical system provides a fascinatingly high level of light transmission which is bound to be highly rated for brightness and contrast. Apart from optics, Minox has also installed a 'first' as the innovative Quick-Close-Focusing (QCF) now makes it possible to take exact distance readings from a scale on the focusing wheel, a feature often looked for in binoculars. With these exciting features and given quality, the MINOX HG 8x56 is today’s trailblazer that has all the quality and features potential to become tomorrow’s classic in its class.

Top quality light transmission is an essential mark of quality in binocu-lars. MINOX engineers developed the innovative M-coating of the lenses which consists of up to 21 different layers on the glass surfaces, adapting the various wavelengths of the visible light. This increases the overall light transmission to an impressive 92 percent, while improving brightness, contrast, detail and colour rendering significantly. Another benefit is a completely new optical system designed by our in-house experts with internal anti-reflection and anti-glare coatings to help improve contrast. To provide a reliable and durable protection against internal corrosion and fogging, the binoculars are filled with state-of-the-art Argon gas.

Another milestone is the mirroring of the roof prisms through the MinoBright technology. This silver-based coating guarantees an improvement of up to 99.8 percent efficiency of the light reflected at the mirror surface. This is yet another improvement towards better light transmission within the system of all HG binoculars. High technology originating from German glass pioneers used for innovative optical products by the Wetzlar based optic specialists. All of the expertise from MINOX, a trusted industry pioneer, is combined in this high quality product.

Better and more advanced handling is achieved through the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF), developed and patented by MINOX. With just one turn of the focusing wheel the HG-binoculars can be adjusted from close-up to infinity. This one turn allows fast focusing close-up, and a more precise focusing for longer distances. With the aid of a scale on the central focusing wheel, the distance to the object in focus is indicated to the user. This additional feature makes these HG-binoculars a reliable distance rangefinder.

The rotating eye cups for people wearing glasses - found on all MINOX binoculars - can be adjusted in four fixed stops. The MINOX HG 8x56 comes with an exclusive case as well as a neoprene strap.


Technische details
  • Vergroting 8 x
  • Objective diameter 56 mm
  • Diopter compensation (±) 2
  • Schemer factor 21.2
  • Kleur Zwart
  • Exit pupil 7.1 mm
  • Ware gezichtsveld 6.2 °
  • Dichtstbijzijnde focus afstand 6 m
  • Oogreliëf 20.8 mm
  • Waterdicht tot 5 m
Gewicht en omvang
  • Breedte 145 mm
  • Diepte 65 mm
  • Hoogte 197 mm
  • Gewicht 1180 g
  • Waterdicht tot 5 m
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Minox Verrekijkers 62178 HG 8X56 BR Asph.

Minox Verrekijkers 62178 HG 8X56 BR Asph.

€ 1.049,-
Tijdelijk niet beschikbaar
(indicatief 15 werkdagen)