Leica Large Ball And Socket Head (14110)

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  • Kleur Zwart, Zilver
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Thanks to the MEGA O.I.S. image stabilization technology, hand-held exposures can be taken with the Leica C-Lux 3 free of camera shake even in difficult light situations. The tabletop tripod with three folding legs that can be locked in any position has already proved its worth for decades as a space-saving aid that gives the camera added stability for even slower shutter speeds, particularly for long-range shots. Attaching the ball-and-socket head you can switch the camera from landscape to portrait format in a flash and have a handy, flexible tool with infinite possibilities for avoiding camera shake: whether using a wall, a tree or your own shoulder for support.

The mini tripod with ball-and-socket joint readily fits into any bag. Given a suitable supporting surface, it is a practical aid for long exposures or taking photographs with the self timer. With the ball-and-socket joint the camera can be aligned with speed and precision.


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  • Kleur Zwart, Zilver