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Lastolite Fabric grid for Ezybox 75cm

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 Ezybox Fabric Grid

The new light modifying grid is an essential accessory which allows photographers to control light spill from a softbox. Favoured by many portrait photographers, the grid provides a controlled directional pool of light which can be positioned directly onto the subject without having to worry about light spilling on the background. The grids are extremely simple to fit using the Velcro strips on the inside of the Ezybox softboxes. The nylon fabric construction also makes them a very durable and lightweight accessory which packs down into a small carry case when not in use. The grids are available to fit the 60cm and 90cm Ezybox Studio and the 54cm and 76cm Ezybox Hotshoe. * Due to a change in how we measure our softboxes, the 60cm (24) Ezybox Hotshoe (2462) has recently been re-named as the 54cm (21) Ezybox Hotshoe (2462). Both softboxes are in fact the same size and item number. Grids for the 54cm (21) Ezybox Hotshoe are also compatible with the 60cm (24) Ezybox Hotshoe.


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