Kaiser Prolite 5000 Hiq, Light Box, 4 X 13 W, 230-240 V/50-

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Back light source for all kinds of transparent originals. Can also be used for industrial applications (can be attached to Bosch and Item building kit systems).

High quality acrylic glass plate with uniform transmission over the entire visible spectral range. Interior sheet steel reflector with special high-reflection coating for uniform illumination. Equipped with four special fluorescent lamps of high-quality colour reproduction properties. Colour temperature 5000 Kelvin, CRI = 90-100. Luminous density 3500 cd/m2, uniformity of 95 % within a 450 x 300 mm (17.7 x 11.8 in.) area (border masking when necessary).

All-electronic high-frequency operating system (approx. 40 kHz) for immediate ignition and flicker-free operation. Especially suitable for use with scanning cameras. No stroboscopic effects, hum or induction interference. Sheet steel housing with plastic side shields. Non-slip rubber feet. Can be wall-mounted.


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