Jupio Batterygrip Pentax K3 (D-BG5)

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Jupio is one of the most important manufacturers of power accessories for digital cameras, camcorders, mobile phones, laptops and power tools. After its foundation in 2006, in Groningen, the company experienced a steady growth. In the meantime Jupio products are sold in 34 countries. It is expected that new countries will be added in 2016.
In order to be able to serve new markets optimally and to guarantee the service level the sister company Jupio Nordic AB was founded in Stockholm. From this location customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland are served.
All Jupio products are manufactured in ISO-certified factories, meet all legal requirements and have the required (European) quality marks. Jupio attaches great value to good working conditions and disapproves child labour explicitly. Jupio acts in conformity with all legal requirements with regard to the discharge of products containing pollutants.


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