Infinity REF 1220 Subwoofer Box 2x 12 4 Ohm

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Dual 12" (300mm) Preloaded Enclosure with Slipstream™ Port and LED Illumination.

Infinity is no stranger to building high performance enclosures for loudspeakers. Since 1968, we have been desiging and constructing enclosures for our award-winning home audio loudspeakers. This expertise, coupled with our extensive knowledge of in-vehicle acoustics has driven the development of this world-class line of enclosed subwoofers. If you are looking for great bass, free from noise and distortion, then look no further.

The Infinity Reference 1220de provides superior performance to competing loaded enclosures primarily due to our revolutionary Slipstream™ Port. The slipstream port provides lots of surface area outside the box so that the air stays stuck together—the engineers call it an “Adverse Pressure Gradient”. That gradual change from high pressure to low pressure eliminates the distortion we hear as “whacking”. Because the area of the port in the middle is much smaller than the mouth of the port, the port can be MUCH shorter than a cylindrical port with a surface area the same as Slipstream’s mouth. That means it can fit into regular boxes. Stickiness outside the box is maximized by increasing pressure and stickiness inside the port is minimized by reducing velocity. The benefit of our technology is more bass output with greatly reduced port noise and distortion.


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