Epson LabelWorks LW-1000P

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  • Printtechnologie Thermo transfer
  • Kleur Groen, Grijs
  • Print resolutie 360 x 360 DPI
  • Maximale print hoogte 27 mm
  • Printsnelheid (metrisch) 35 mm/sec
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Location-free labels with the Epson iLabel app
The LW-1000P comes with Epson Label Editor, a dedicated and convenient program with a high level of label design personalisation. Those with a smartphone can download a free app to make label-making even more convenient. Available as a free download for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, the Epson iLabel app1 lets you enter text and make all kinds of formatting designs before printing. The simplest mode is all about easy text entry, so what you see on your smartphone's screen is what you get on the label. However, Epson iLabel takes the power of your smartphone to new levels with handwriting recognition via the touchscreen, and even voice input using the microphone. Even the camera comes into play, with Epson iLabel allowing you to add your own photographs, logos, or icons to labels. And if you're not sure whether your creation hits the right note, why not share it with a colleague via email? All this from one super-smart app for iOS and Android devices.

From one mobile device to another
Don't just tell your colleagues about the LW-1000P – share it with them. Its compact size and built-in full and half automatic cutter make the LW-1000P a true all-in-one and it doesn't stop there. Enable Wi-Fi and this professional label maker becomes wireless, allowing it to be shared across multiple users, so it's flexible and powerful enough even for large workgroups. No network is required – the LW-1000P creates its own device to device connection – so you don't have to rely on a wireless router, but it has its own Ethernet LAN port just to make sure. So you can stay productive wherever you are in the premises – warehouse, factory floor or boardroom – and come back to the LW-1000P to find your creations have printed. With the LW-1000P, great-looking labels will never be out of range.

Labels to go
The LW-1000P is the fastest desktop label printer from Epson for a reason, with print speeds of up to 35mm/sec. Clever tape end detection means that it's easy to finish a job, even if your tape runs out. Combined with a handy automatic half label cut function, the LW-1000P is great for boosting productivity.

Increase your creations with Epson Label Editor software
Create labels your way with Epson Label Editor software. For those after full control and extra label-making options, simply connect the LW-1000P to a computer or laptop. The easy to use Epson Label Editor software – supplied with the LW-1000P – works with both Windows and Mac computers, and has endless personalisation options. Create, space and recall your own designs, choose from a huge variety of fonts and symbols, and pick the perfect template from dozens of eye-catching designs. Various professional-looking and creative text effects, frames, tables, styles, barcode options and borders have been created within Epson Label Editor, which even allows the import of data from XLS, XLSX, TEXT and CSV files. It helps make the LW-1000P a truly versatile label maker.

Tapes of many types
Find the ideal tape for the job – and install it with the minimum of fuss. Using a handy top-loading tape feed for ultimate convenience, the LW-1000P prints on a range of widths up to 36mm. To get you started the LW-1000P comes with one nine-metre long 9mm wide tape for black text on a white background. That should cover basic use, but those after labels for a special purpose will find the solution within LabelWorks: take the industry's first glow-in-the-dark safety tapes, which can be read for up to eight hours in dark environments such as staircases and emergency exits. Other new tapes include a new reflective tape for low-light places and long-distance barcode scanning. LabelWorks also includes an iron-on tape for attaching name-tags to clothes – perfect for the healthcare, catering and maintenance industries. There's no need for a separate fabric or protective cover either – they just iron onto clothes directly. The LW-1000P also boasts an integrated trim cutter to round label edges, making them far less likely to peel off.

Resistant and durable tapes
Find a tape tough enough for the job with Epson's LabelWorks range. While all LabelWorks tapes are resistant to water as well as to extreme heat and cold, Epson's heat-resistant safety tapes stay attached even up to 225 degrees Celsius. Well suited to hazardous areas such as factories and warehouses, these tapes are perfect for asset-tagging.

Profit margins
With small margins on the right and left sides of labels, the LW-1000P saves you money. Margins can be reduced to just 1mm on each side, meaning tape lasts longer.

Labels – instantly
The LW-1000P prints in class-leading 360dpi print quality at stunning speeds of up to 35mm/sec, so your labels look crisp and clear, quickly.


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  • Printtechnologie Thermo transfer
  • Kleur Groen, Grijs
  • Print resolutie 360 x 360 DPI
  • Maximale print hoogte 27 mm
  • Printsnelheid (metrisch) 35 mm/sec
  • Verticaal printen Ja
  • Maximale print breedte 36 mm
Poorten & interfaces
  • Ethernet LAN Ja
  • Wi-Fi Ja
  • Aantal USB 2.0-poorten 1
  • Verbinding Bedraad en draadloos
  • Kleur Groen, Grijs
  • Typisch stroomverbruik 29 W
  • Stroomverbruik (indien uit) 0.23 W
  • Automatische uitschakeling Ja
  • Energy Star-certificaat Ja
Gewicht en omvang
  • Breedte 123 mm
  • Diepte 153 mm
  • Hoogte 139 mm
  • Gewicht 1050 g
Minimale systeemeisen
  • Ondersteunt Windows Ja
Inhoud van de verpakking
  • Inclusief AC-adapter Ja
Overige specificaties
  • Breedte 123 mm
  • Hoogte 139 mm