Denon DHT-S514

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Groot assortiment & 2 showrooms

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  • Type Soundbar
  • Speaker kanalen 2.1
  • Vermogen 175 W
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Denon's DHT-S514 home theater soundbar speaker system will envelop you in rich, room-filling sound. Simple to set up and easy to use, the DHT-S514 transforms any TV into a home entertainment system, delivering truly wide range response including deep bass from the wireless subwoofer and clear mids and detailed highs from the multi-driver high fidelity soundbar. Simply connect it to your television and enjoy powerful, dynamic audio from your favorite TV shows, movies, games and music. It's also equipped with aptX Bluetooth, which provides CD-quality audio streaming from your Bluetooth-equipped portable audio device, smartphone and tablet.

High Performance Sound
Featuring 175 watts of total system power, the DHT-S514 soundbar and wireless subwoofer together deliver true high fidelity sound with any TV for an enthralling listening experience. As today's flat panel TVs get thinner and thinner, so does their sound quality, and the DHT-S514 features a host of high performance components to deliver rich, enveloping wide range sound. The soundbar features dual 2"x5" precision drivers that reproduce the upper bass and midrange audio, delivering clear audio especially in the vocal range. There are also dual 1/2" dome tweeters that reproduce the entire treble range, with response extending to 20 kHz.

The matching wireless subwoofer features dual 5 1/4" woofers that work in tandem to deliver the authoritative deep bass found in today's movie and music soundtracks for distortion-free bass at any listening level. The compact subwoofer can be placed horizontally or vertically for the widest range of installation options.

Both the soundbar and the subwoofer feature advanced digital audio amplification that delivers crystal clear sound along with wide dynamic range, as well as providing high energy efficiency and operational stability for long life.

Wide Range of Connectivity Options
Many TVs come with one of the HDMI inputs equipped with Audio Return Channel (ARC), which lets you listen to audio from a source device (such as a cable or satellite box) as well as being able to listen to audio from the TV's internal tuner or from a smart TV's built-in content streaming capabilities. Simply connect the DHT-S514 to your TV with the supplied HDMI cable, and you can enjoy audio from your set-top box as well as enjoying audio from the TV. For TVs without ARC, you can connect the DHT-S514 via one of the two available digital audio connections — both optical and coaxial digital audio inputs are provided.

You can also stream music wirelessly right to the DHT-S514 from a compatible Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone, tablet or computer (with Bluetooth A2DP capability). We've also included aptX which allows for high quality music playback through Bluetooth. Additionally, we've also included a stereo analog (RCA) input jack that lets you connect the DHT-S514 to a portable music player, smartphone or tablet.
The auto input switching feature chooses the best available audio source automatically.

Dolby Digital and DTS Decoding
Your favorite movies and music will come alive with built-in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, and you can enjoy enveloping surround sound thanks to Denon's exclusive Virtual Surround processing, which uses advanced psychoacoustic algorithms that simulate the surround sound of a multi-channel home theater speaker system.

3 Listening Modes
In addition to the Movie Surround Sound mode which provides an expansive and enveloping soundstage, the DHT-S514 features two additional custom sound modes tailored for different content. The Dialog Enhancer mode provides increased dialog clarity especially with complex movie soundtracks, and the Music mode delivers a dynamic and enthralling sound quality improvement with your favorite audio tracks. You can also choose to listen in pure stereo mode, with no additional acoustic enhancement.

Night Mode
The DHT-S514 also features Night Mode which lets you enjoy high fidelity sound without annoying jumps in volume, so you can watch your favorite programs late into the night without disturbing other family members. The Night Mode can be activated in stereo mode, as well as with any of the three available custom sound modes.

Easy to Install, Easy to Setup, Easy to Use
Connect the DHT-S514 directly to your TV with the included HDMI cable. We've also included an optical digital audio cable and a stereo analog audio cable.
The DHT-S514 comes with its own remote control, and it also has the ability to work with your existing TV's remote control so you can control the soundbar and your TV with just one remote.

For compatibility with the broadest range of TV types and styles, the DHT-S514 features the ability to re-transmit IR codes via the included IR repeater, which lets you properly position the soundbar in front of your TV and yet still easily control both the DHT-S514 and the TV. For further installation flexibility, the soundbar comes with two sets of feet with different heights, which lets you use the soundbar with a wide range of TV stand types.
If you prefer wall mounting, the soundbar features built-in keyholes that let you easily mount the soundbar directly to the wall.


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Gemiddelde score
9 / 10 :
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  • Vermogen 175 W
  • Speaker kanalen 2.1
  • Ingebouwde audio decoders Dolby Digital, DTS
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) Ja
Soundbar luidspreker
  • Soundbar speaker RMS vermogen 175 W
  • Tweeter grootte 0.5 "
  • Tweeter grootte 12.7 mm
  • Woofer grootte 5.5 "
  • Woofer grootte 139.7 mm
  • Meegeleverde subwoofer Draadloos
  • Draadloze subwoofer Ja
  • Subwoofer locatie Separate
Technische details
  • Kleur Zwart
  • Aanbevolen gebruik Home theatre
  • Draagbaar Ja
  • Nachtmodus Ja
  • Ophangsysteem voor aan de muur Ja
  • Aantal 1
  • Kleur Zwart
  • Type Soundbar
Poorten & interfaces
  • Verbinding Bedraad en draadloos
  • Aantal HDMI-poorten 1
  • HDMI (IN) 1
  • HDMI (OUT) 1
  • Digitaal - Coax 1
  • Digitaal - Optisch 1
  • Analoog - Jack Ja
  • Bluetooth Ja
  • Bluetooth-profielen APT-X, A2DP
  • Wi-Fi Nee
  • NFC Nee
  • Ethernet LAN Nee
Gewicht en omvang
  • Soundbar gewicht 2300 g
  • Gewicht subwoofer 5900 g
Overige specificaties
  • Soundbar afmetingen (WxDxH) 1004 x 78,3 x 79,4 mm
  • Subwoofer afmetingen (WxDxH) 171,5 x 346 x 313 mm
Denon DHT-S514

Denon DHT-S514

€ 499,-
Verkrijgbaar op bestelling