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Beknopte Kenmerken

  • GPS Sensor Nee
  • Draagwijze Polsband
  • Kleur Zwart, Paars
  • Band kleur Paars
  • Veiligheidsfunties Spatwaterdicht
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With the Easyfit Touch fitness wristband for monitoring everyday activities, even the latest, most advanced fitness tracker technology is very easy and user-friendly. Its advanced functions make it a complete, top-performing product. And, it's easy to use. Simplicity has never performed so well!

- Fitness functions: calorie monitoring, step counting, calculation of distance travelled, training time;
- Monitoring of sleep phases, gentle wake-up;
- Caller ID: display of caller's name;
- Battery life: 5-7 days;
- IP67 certification: resistant to rain, sweat and short immersion;
- Wrist-Sense Technology: the display comes on when you turn your wrist, so you can tell what time it is or access important information in the most natural way possible. Like looking at a wristwatch!
- Easy Charging technology: the display can be removed to become a USB pen drive that can be recharged with a PC or any common USB charger;
- Notification previews: displays previews of incoming messages, and notifications from WhatsApp, Twitter and other social networks;
- Touch-screen display;
- null;
- "Find the phone" function;
- Touch-screen remote control of camera;
- Calculation of maximum time slots "for recovery".


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  • GPS Sensor Nee
  • Draagwijze Polsband
  • Kleur Zwart, Paars
  • Band kleur Paars
  • Veiligheidsfunties Spatwaterdicht
  • IP-Certificaat IP67
  • Soort bediening Touch
  • Vorm Rechthoekig
  • Waterbestendigheid Spatwaterdicht
  • Activiteitsmonitoring Calories burned, Distance traveled, Quality of sleep
  • Hartslag monitor Nee
  • Stappenteller Ja
  • Touchscreen Ja
Poorten & interfaces
  • Verbinding Draadloos
  • Bluetooth Ja
  • USB-connectortype USB Type-A
  • Levensduur van de batterij 7 dag(en)
  • Oplaadbron USB
Technische details
  • GPS Sensor Nee
  • Afstandsmeter Ja