Bosch SMS88TI26E Vaatwasser 7,5L A+++A

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Inbouwtoestellen worden niet geïnstalleerd.
De Full service voorziet niet in plaatsing van stekkers, aansluitingen aan gasbuizen en aansluitingen aan waterleidingen.
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  • Energieklasse A+++
  • Geluidsniveau 42 dB
  • Aantal couverts 13 couverts
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- Zeolith Drying: perfect drying results thanks to 3D air flow, even on plastic dishes.
- Home Connect enabled: home appliances with smart connectivity for an easier everyday life.
- SuperSilence: exceptionally quiet operation at only 42 dB.
- Super 60°C programme: achieve brilliant cleaning and drying results faster.
- HygienePlus option: rinsing with higher temperatures for highest hygienic performance.

The AquaStop system consists of a double-walled supply hose, a safety valve, as well as a floor sump with float switch, offering 100% protection against water damage. Guaranteed by Bosch for lifetime.

Automatic programmes
Water usage, water temperature and rinse time are adjusted exactly to suit the level of soiling. This provides best results while saving water and energy.

The AquaSensor regulates the water usage depending on the type and degree of soiling, using light beams to manage the rinse. Depending on remaining food particles, grease or detergent residues in the rinse, the rinsing process is assessed to evaluate whether it needs to be continued.

Heat Exchanger
Dishwashers with heat exchangers treat precious glasses and porcelain with particular care and no risks. Water is pre-heated in the rinsing tank to avoid any temperature shocks.

The load weight is detected by a rotary speed sensor which recognizes the water level. For bigger loads, more water is needed to soak the dishes and the water level decreases. In that case more water is added. For smaller loads, less water is needed for rinsing. The load sensor provides for optimal water usage even for half loads or partial loads, saving water and electricity.

IntensiveZone option
The IntensiveZone option, which can be added to many programmes, ensures a higher spraying pressure and increases the temperature in the lower basket. Heavily soiled pots and pans are cleaned optimally whilst more delicate dishes can be placed in the upper basket.

Glass Rack
The Glass Rack allows you to safely store extra high glasses, bottles or vases in the lower basket.

TFT display
The multicoloured TFT display provides information quickly. With pictures and easily legible type, it shows what cycles and options were selected, the dishwashing progress, time remaining, and much more. Handy instructions guide users through cycles and offer useful information on the best use of the dishwasher, and on saving water and energy. In addition, the display shows the salt and rinse aid levels.

Electronic delay timer
With the time delay function you can pre-select the programme for the desired start time. This allows you to handle your appliance conveniently, at any time during the day, during work hours or at night. After the start of the programme a display indicates the precise remaining time.

Child lock on door
A child-proof door lock prevents the door from being opened and the programme being altered during the cycle. This prevents injuries caused by hot steam and accidental adjustments to the programme settings.

Glass protection technology
Because soft water causes glass corrosion, Bosch dishwashers with glass protection technology constantly regulate the degree of hardness. This is how we ensure that valuable glasses and delicate china are always washed with special care.

SuperSilence 40-45 dB
The electronically operated engine and many noise reduction measures, secure the exceptionally quiet operation of our SuperSilence dishwashers. Advantageous for eat-in kitchen or open areas.

HygienePlus option
HygienePlus is a new option that can be activated in many programmes, and guarantees maximum hygiene thanks to antibacterial cleaning. This effect is achieved by a higher temperature level of up to 70°C during rinsing, sustained for approximately 10 minutes. HygienePlus is therefore ideal for people with high hygiene standards, for instance in households with small children or allergy sufferers.

EcoSilence DriveTM
To increase our cleaning efficiency we have developed the economical EcoSilence DriveTM. It is exceptionally quiet, efficient and guarantees low electricity consumption. The EcoSilence DriveTM works without brushes is ultra silent and top results are automatically guaranteed.

Resource-saving water management
Resource-saving water management with intelligent water usage achieves minimal consumption per wash cycle: for example the ActiveWater Eco dishwasher uses only 6.5 litres of water in the standard programme with optimised hygienic cleaning.

ActiveWater technology
This innovative rinsing technology maximises efficiency and ensures environmentally friendly rinsing for excellent cleaning results. The water and energy is saved through targeted water distribution, optimised filter technology, faster heating and higher pump performance for increased water circulation.

Zeolith technology
Thanks to the multi-award-winning Zeolith® technology, the opportunity to save energy saving is now even better, with brilliant drying results. The drying process uses very little energy and the power usage is reduced considerably: lowest energy consumption in the best energy efficiency class A+++ or even 10% less. The secret for this energy saving is the natural mineral Zeolith. It is regenerated after every wash cycle, lasts for the life of the dishwasher and never needs to be replaced.

HalfLoad option
Sometimes you can’t wait for the dishwasher to be full before you need to clean your dishes. With the HalfLoad option this is not a problem because it is an ideal cycle for washing fewer dishes. That’s how you do not only save water but also save time.


  • Aandrijving Vrijstaand
  • Kleur Zilver
  • Display ingebouwd Ja
  • Beeldscherm type TFT
  • Lengte snoer 1.75 m
  • Lengte watertoevoerslang 1.65 m
  • Lengte afvoerslang 1.9 m
  • Watertoevoer Koud
  • Aantal couverts 13 couverts
  • Geluidsniveau 42 dB
  • Aantal wasprogramma's 8
  • Droogklasse A
  • Temperatuur (max) 75 °C
  • Uitgestelde start timer Ja
  • Startvertraging 24 uur
  • AquaStop-functie Ja
  • AquaSensor functie Ja
  • Glasbescherming Ja
  • Wasprogramma's Auto 35-45 ºC, Auto 45-65 ºC, Auto 65-75 ºC
  • Half-geladen Ja
  • Zout indicator Ja
  • Energieklasse A+++
  • Energieverbruik per cyclus 0.73 kWu
  • Waterconsumptie per cyclus 7.5 l
  • Jaarlijks energieverbruik 211 kWu
  • Jaarlijks waterverbruik 2100 l
  • AC invoer voltage 220 - 240 V
  • AC invoer frequentie 50/60 Hz
Gewicht en omvang
  • Breedte 600 mm
  • Diepte 600 mm
  • Hoogte 845 mm
  • Gewicht 50000 g
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Bosch SMS88TI26E Vaatwasser 7,5L A+++A

Bosch SMS88TI26E Vaatwasser 7,5L A+++A

€ 795,-
Verzending binnen
1-2 werkdagen