Beko Inductie Kookplaat Hii64500Fht

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Beknopte Kenmerken

  • Kastontwerp Ingebouwd
  • Type kookplaat Inductie
  • Soort materiaal (bovenkant) Glaskeramiek
  • Aantal branders/kookzones 4
  • Aantal elektronische kook zones 4
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Elegant design

Packed full of innovative technology, this built-in hob looks fantastic, sleek and modern

2 year warranty on all Beko Built-in appliances

For added peace of mind all Beko Built-in appliances come with a 2 year warranty as standard.

Beko Select

Induction heating technology

Cleverly recognises the size of your pots and pans and saves you money on energy and bills. No heat or energy is wasted.

Flexible induction zones

Flexible induction zones offer the advantage of combining two hob zones into one using the Touchslider control.

Fast and efficient induction hob

Using electromagnetic waves, this built-in induction hob emits heat to only the pan surface, ensuring cooking is quick and efficient.

Easy to clean induction hob

Spillages from pans won't stick to the hob surface. Due to an induction hob's electromagnetic cooking technology.

Maximum safety induction hob

Only the pan is heated up and hob turnsoff automatically when a pan is taken off. The possibility of accidents occurring is reduced.

Touchslide control

Change the settings on your hob. With one slide of a finger change your hob from keeping something warm to the Booster setting.

Smooth surface

The sleek design means you can move pans from burner to burner if required. cleaning it is easy and your kitchen looks great.

19 levels power zone

With 19 adjustable power levels per zone, you can cook your favourite meals without hassle or worry.

Booster function

Cleverly boils on a built in induction hob, allowing each cooking zone to cook on maximum power then return to normal heat once boiled

Extended cooking zones

Cooking zones can be extended for long cooking vessels, or reduced for smaller ones. Ideal for a busy kitchen.

Heat indicators

For added safety, the heat indicators will display a visible 'H' to warn you if the hob has not cooled down enough reducing domestic accidents.


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  • Kastontwerp Ingebouwd
  • Type kookplaat Inductie
  • Soort materiaal (bovenkant) Glaskeramiek
  • Aantal branders/kookzones 4
  • Aantal elektronische kook zones 4
  • Kleur Zwart
  • Sudder brander/kookzone 1600 W
  • Normale brander/kookzone 2000 W
  • Display ingebouwd Ja
  • Boost functie Ja
  • Aantal gelijktijdig te gebruiken kookzones 4
  • Timer Ja
  • Soort bediening Touch
  • Controle positie Boven voorzijde
  • Restwarmte-indicator Ja
  • Automatische uitschakeling Ja
  • Kinderslot Ja
  • Aangesloten lading (elektrisch) 7200 W
Gewicht en omvang
  • Breedte 580 mm
  • Diepte 510 mm
  • Hoogte 55 mm
  • Gewicht 13400 g
  • Installatie compartiment breedte 560 mm
  • Installatie compartiment diepte 490 mm
  • Breedte van de verpakking 680 mm
  • Diepte van de verpakking 650 mm
  • Hoogte van de verpakking 170 mm
  • Gewicht pakket 14400 g